Project Description

Drawing machine for hollow or solid tubes and wires

It is equipped with a Ø 1000 mm reel, and this zmakes it suitable both for industrial and average drawing production processes. The dimensions of the reel and the massive structure make it furthermore possible to draw large hollow tubes avoiding them to become oval-shaped.

It is also equipped with a Ø 350 mm drawing reel to be used to draw or wind the tube / wire before inserting the material into the furnace to carry out the annealing process.

It is equipped with electronic speed variator / inverter, to help in start procedures as well as to find the right speed in relation to the product to be drawn.

A recirculation lubrication pump always keeps the dies well lubricated.

Overall dimensions 1750 x 1200 x h.1200
Weight 1000 kg
Workable/machinable wires and tubes Ø 2-12 mm