Project Description

Hollow-wire machine for the production of chains of empty wire.

Through a lubricated milling group, the machine creates two channels for the crimping of the plate and at the same time, if necessary, for its welding, in the tombak or iron core.

The machine can be equipped to work on Ø5 or Ø8 wires just by changing tools. A Ø5 or Ø8 tombak/iron wire can be used for the seaming.

Finally, a turks head at the end of the machine modifies the shape of the milled wire giving it a square section to facilitate its subsequent rolling.

– Safety protections
– Incoming material end sensors
– Exit chain control sensor

Workable Dimensions Ø 5 o Ø 8 mm
0,20 – 0,80 mm
Production up to 1,5 mt/min
Power Supply 380 V – 50 Hz – 3 ph
Power Consumption 3,3 kW
Machine Dimensions LxWxH
215x75xh175 cm
Net Weight 600 kg