Project Description

Diamond cutting machine for balls/beads / oval balls/ cylinders as from Ø 2 up to Ø 6 mm

The balls are placed on a vibrator. The action of the vibrator pushes the balls onto special guiding devices, leading them to the loading position; pliers take the balls and place them onto the motorized tailstocks, blocking them on the holes.

One or two diamond-cutting units perform the diamond-cutting process of the ball according to the drawing so as it has been previously set in the control device.

The already diamond-cut balls/beads fall into a special collection tray.

The processing takes place inside the cab, making it possible to recover metal waste.

Tool rotation speed 18000 rpm
Tool size Ø 100 mm – Ø 80 mm on request
Power 3 KW
Power supply 220 V – 50/60 Hz
Pneumatic feeding 6 bar
Machine weight 400 kg
External dimensions 90 x 90 x h.160 cm