Project Description

Automatic machine for the production of rosary chains (in precious as well as non-precious alloys) with smooth balls designed starting from a tube or plate, crimped onto a chain.

It is also possible to obtain oval, cubic, drop-shaped, barrel-shaped, flat balls, as well as balls/beads with several other shapes on request, including internally any type of chain, that is box chaine, trace/anchor chain, grumetta chain etc., simply by means of the quick change of the tool . The precise position of the single balls/beads can be programmed by means of the touch screen and it is possible to spacing the balls/beads differently from each other, enabling the operator to save/store the programs so as to be subsequently re-used, if necessary.

The machine is equipped with a speed variator / inverter, automatic oil lubrication device as well as control and safety sensors.



PLC (programmable logic controller) unit

5″color touch screen

USB port

Ethernet LAN port

Safety protections

Sensors to detect the end of incoming material

Control sensor to detect outgoing balls/beads

Ball size min Ø 1,8 mm
max Ø 6 mm
Production up to 30 pcs/min
Power Supply 380 V – 50 Hz
Machine Dimensions 120 x 55 x h.167 cm
Net Weight 370 kg