Project Description

Automatic machine for the calibration of 1/2-hole or totally closed balls/beads (in precious and non-precious metals), which makes it possible to calibrate in one single step both the sphericity/roundness of the balls/beads and the diameter of the holes.

The operator controls and programs all the processing phases through the touch screen device, that is from the loading of the balls/beads, to the calibration of both the diameter and the hole of the ball, up to the unloading phase, with the possibility to save/store the program so that it can be reused in case of need.


PLC (programmable logic controller) unit

5 “color touch screen

USB port

Ethernet LAN port

Material end sensors

Workable Dimensions min Ø 1,5 mm
max Ø 20 mm
Production 100 pcs/min
Power Supply 220 V – 50 Hz
Power Consumption 0,95 kW
Machine Dimensions 52 x 56 x h.136 cm
Net Weight 160 kg