Project Description

CNC-controlled machine for the diamond cutting process of spherical balls/beads, or of different specially shaped balls.

The balls/beads are placed onto a vibrator. The action of the vibrator pushes the balls onto special guiding devices, leading them to the loading position. A special gripper takes the balls and positions them onto the motorized tailstocks, blocking them through the holes.

The diamond cutting unit performs the processing of the ball/bead, by diamond cutting it according to the design to be manufactured, thanks to the CNC-system, which through the ISO programming system manages its 9 control axes, 4 of which are linear ones and 5 rotational ones, by carrying out interpolated movements of the diamond-cutting unit with the tailstocks unit, making it possible to carry out the diamond cutting process of spherical balls/beads or of balls with special and complex geometrical shapes.

The diamond-cutting process takes place inside the cab, so as to guarantee easy recovery of metal waste/scraps.

This machine has already been set up for IND.4.0; on request it can be set up for remote customer care assistance.

Control unit 9 axis CNC
Tool rotation speed 18000 rpm
Tool size standard size Ø 100 mm – Ø 80 mm can be suppied on request
Power 3 KW
Power supply 230 V – 50/60 Hz
Pneumatic feeding unit 6 bar
Machine weight 850 Kg
External dimensions 180 x 100 x h.190 cm